What to see in Belgrade? The most interesting attractions + map

Belgrade is the biggest city in Serbia and its capital. We didn’t expect it to be such an interesting city! We went there thinking that one day will be enough to see it but at the end we felt it was too little. Definitely we should have stayed longer. See what the most interesting attractions in Belgrade are and what to see there in one day.

Let’s start with some information about Belgrade. In Serbian “Belgrade” (Beograd / Београд) means “white city”. As many other cities in the Balkans, the capital of Serbia was also damaged during the war. In 1999 NATO bombed the city for 78 days. Until now you may see the damages of those times. Some buildings have never been restored. However, I believe that that Belgrade is a beautiful city and it’s worth seeing.

Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park

Our number 1 place! In every bigger city in the Balkans you will find a fortress. The one in Belgrade is interesting because it’s located on the confluence of two rivers: Danube and Sava. On hill where those two rivers are connected, there is Kalamegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress. View from the top is astonishing! The best view is from next to the Pobednik “The Victor” monument. The statue commemorates Serbian victories over the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire and also the subsequent ones during the World War I.

The fortress itself was built in 3rd century BC. At first the inhabitants of Belgrade lived only inside the walls of the fortress. Then when there were more and more people, the city grew around the fortress.

In the park there are several museums, among others Army Museum. You can see part of its exhibition right next to the wall of the fortress.

Belgrade Fortress from a drone

Church of Saint Sava

It’s the biggest Orthodox Church in Belgrade and one of the biggest in the world. In reality it’s really impressive! It’s huge. The construction was finished in 2001. The main religion in Serbia is Orthodoxy. 85% of Serbians are Orthodox. The Church of Saint Sava is a “must see” place in Belgrade.

Skadarlija street

Skadarlija Street is a very climatic place thanks to the murals painted on the buildings and live music in the evening. The street is full of restaurants and bars. During the day it’s a bit empty but in the evenings it’s crowded with people. Go there in daylight to take photos and at night to feel the atmosphere and listen to the live Serbian music in the restaurants.

Republic Square

It’s in the heart of Belgrade. In the center of the square there is a monument of Mihailo Obrenović, a Serbian prince, on a horse. That’s also the reason why the inhabitants of Belgrade call the square “at the horse”. Near the Republic Square there is a famous street Knez Mihailova. It’s only a pedestrian street, there are many shops, restaurants and souvenir shops.



As always I have prepared for you a map with all attractions of Belgrade. This way it will be easier for you to plan your own trip.

What to see near Belgrade?

If you are staying longer in Belgrade and you want to see something more apart from the capital, I recommend you go for one day trip to Novi Sad. It’s only one hour away from Belgrade and it’s perfect to see in only one day.


Many people recommended us to go to Tesla Museum. Nikola Tesla is the most recognizable person in Serbia. We really wanted to see that museum but unfortunately, it is closed on Monday and we were in Belgrade on Monday. Next time we will go to Tesla Museum for sure.

We didn’t expect Belgrade to be such a nice city. We really liked it and what’s more, we met amazing people there. The Serbs were so nice to us. We didn’t have any problem to communicate in English and sometimes even in Polish because of the similarity between Serbian and Polish. Several times, random people helped us when we asked about something. I recommend you visit Belgrade 🙂

You can see all the described places and much more in our vlog from Belgrade!