What to do in Novi Sad? Places you should see and map of attractions

Tourists usually skip going to Novi Sad when they travel to the Balkans. When we were planning our trip, we were thinking what we could actually see and do there and it if wasn’t a waste of time. There wasn’t much about the city on the Internet. Now we can share with you the most interesting places in Novi Sad. At the end you will find a map with marked places you should see.

Novi Sad is the second biggest city in Serbia. According to data from 2011, 250 thousand people live there. You won’t find it on the list of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the most interesting ones in the Balkans or any other list of “best of”. While I was preparing our Balkan trip, I had an impression that Serbia is often a forgotten country that no one wants to come here. Novi Sad doesn’t have many visitors either. For us it was perfect. Our first stop in the Balkans was ideal. You can visit Novi Sad slowly, without crowds of tourists, everything is nearby and you start getting to know Serbia. See places worth visiting there and things you should do 🙂

See Petrovaradin Fortress

It’s the most interesting place in Novi Sad. We recommend you see it first from the opposite side of the Danube and after that, get to the fortress. The location of the fortress is just amazing. You can see whole Novi Sad which is on the other side of the river. I didn’t expect it to be such a lovely place. Apart from Novi Sad, you can also see three bridges which connect the city with Petrovaradin. In 1999 when NATO bombed the city, all the bridges were destroyed, the city was left without water and electricity.

Petrovaradin Fortress is called Gibraltar of the Danube. The fortress is from XVIII century and it was constructed on ruins of another fortress. The most interesting place inside it is so called “reversed clock”, which is a clock tower whose hour hand is longer and the minute hand is shorter. It was changed like that so the fishermen on the Danube could easily check the time.

Since 2001 a music festival EXIT is held in the fortress. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

Drone photo
Photo from a drone
Drone panorama

Clock Tower with the reversed clock

Go to the Liberty Square

It’s in the city center. Next to it there is a town hall and in the center of the square the Name of Mary Church. The Liberty Square is full of people both during the day and at night. Tourists and inhabitants of Novi Sad go there to spend time with family and friends. On nearby streets, you will find many restaurants and bars.

See the synagogue

Before World War II, the Jewish community constituted a significant part of the inhabitants of Novi Sad. It’s estimated that during the war, ¾ of them was killed and many others emigrated. Nowadays there aren’t many Jewish in Novi Sad. Different sources say that there between 100 up to 400 of them. The synagogue is now used for different cultural event like concerts.

Have a walk on the bank of Danube

If you get bored of the city center, have a walk to the bank of Danube. There is a beautiful view of Petrovaradin Fortress. We recommend you see if from there at daylight and at night. Surprisingly, not many people walk on the bank of the river at night. It’s a shame because the views are really amazing.

Try local cuisine

Do you know what I liked most in the Balkans? That everywhere there is a bakery where you can get delicious stuff! In Novi Sad we tried amazing burek and other local pastries. Even croissants with chocolate are much better there than in Poland. If you start your Balkan trip in Novi Sad, start tasting the local cuisine.



I prepared for you a map with attractions of Novi Sad


Maybe Novi Sad is not a city that you can visit for few days. The number of attractions is limited and one day is enough to see them. However, this is exactly what we needed at the beginning of our trip. The first day in the Balkans, after very tiring driving from Poland couldn’t be very active. We could see Novi Sad and rest for a bit. There aren’t many tourists in the city and it turned out to be the perfect place to start our Balkan adventure.

Have you ever been to Novi Sad? What is your opinion about the city?

I also invite you to watch our vlog from Novi Sad! It has English subtitles.