Lavender garden: Provence in Lesser Poland

We have been dreaming of travelling to Provence and seeing the fields of blooming lavender for some time. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t have a chance to go to the south of France in Juny or July when it’s the most beautiful time for lavender. However, we managed to make our plan come true at some point. We went to lavender field in Ostrów near Cracow.

“Ogród pełen lawendy” (Garden full of lavender)

The place is called “Ogród pełen lawendy” (Garden full of lavender) and it was created 6 years ago when a couple Barbara and Andrzej Olender planted first bushes. Until now they put a lot of work in cultivation of lavender but as you can see it was worth it. A field of 60 ares of blooming and lovely smelling lavender attracts real crowds of people. We were not the only ones who wanted to see a piece of Provence in Lesser Poland. It’s hard to be surprised. Since the second half of June the place looks totally magical.

Lavender Days

At first we planned to go to a completely different lavender field. A friend encouraged me to come to Ostrów. It turned out that they were organizing Lavender Days the same weekend of our planned trip. The decision was easy, we are going to Ostrów 🙂 Lavender Days was an event where you could learn a lot about this plant. You could buy different types of lavender, try lavender jam and practice making lavender garlands.

Perfect place

Lavender field is obviously a very famous place for photo sessions. People from all parts of the country go there to stay in the middle of the purple field and leave with beautiful pictures as a souvenir. Wedding, family, couples sessions are the most popular. We could also see many people coming with their dogs. So, if you are travelling with your dog, this is one of the places where you can take you pet with you 🙂

Fields of lavender are recently very favored and the one in Ostrów is really causing furore. From day to day it looks more amazing, has stronger smell and color. We ended up in the garden on the 24th of June, the first day of Lavender Days. We were enchanted and we didn’t want to leave. After all we spent almost two hours roaming in the lavender, taking pictures and enjoying our time.

If you are looking for a pleasant place where you can rest from the clamour of the city and at the same time take lovely pictures, this is the perfect location! And if you rush a bit you will still be able to see the blooming field this year 🙂

Useful information:

  • to enter the lavender field you have to buy a ticket for 5 zl (1,2 euros)
  • it’s possible to enter the place with a dog

Now you can see our pictures from lavender field



  1. hi, i would love to visit this place! could i know who to contact to buy tickets and see opening times?

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