Feteer – a recipe for homemade Egytpian pizza

There is no need to repeat that we love Egyptian cuisine. We have our favorite dishes and every time we go to Egypt we have to eat them. However, it’s hard to survive the long time between trips so we started making traditional food in our kitchen in Poland. Our Egyptian half looks for recipes, experiments and improves. After all, practice makes perfect. Today I will share with you a recipe for Egyptian feteer.

What is the feteer?

We call feteer an Egyptian pizza because it looks similar. I tried it during my first stay in Egypt five years ago and we can’t leave Egypt without eating it again. There are many types of feteer, everything depends on the stuffing we prepare. The most popular ones are with tuna, basterma (dried slices of beef), sausages, minced meet or the vegetarian version with cheese. This is our favorite feteer so the recipe will be vegetarian.

Preparation time: 1 h 30 min



½ kg of flour

2 glasses of water

1 spoon of oil


300 g of cheese

200 g of mozzarella

2 tomatoes

½ of red pepper

½ of yellow pepper

5 big mushrooms

few olives

1 egg



Of course you can prepare the stuffing as you like. You can, for example, add fried minced meat or other vegetables you like.


Making feteer is actually very easy. First, put the flour in a bowl and add two glasses of water. Knead it to make the dough. It shouldn’t be sticky so if you need, add a bit more of water or flour. When it’s ready, divide it into two halves and form balls. Coat each of them in oil. Then cover the dough with a foil and leave it for one hour.

In meantime you can prepare the stuffing. Cut pepper, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms into small pieces and grate the cheese. After that, mix all the ingredients and some salt and pepper.

Later you can roll the first half of the dough. It should be thin but not to the point to fall apart. Put 2/3 of the stuffing on the rolled dough and wrap the edges. It will look like a pancake with stuffing inside. After that, you roll the second part of the dough. You put the dough with the stuffing on the rolled piece of dough and cover it with the sides. This way, the stuffing is covered with two layers of dough at the top and bottom. At the end add an egg to the 1/3 of the stuffing you had left aside and put it on the top of the feteer.

Now you can put it in the oven. Bake it for 45 minutes in temperature of 180°. After this time, the only thing you can do is enjoy your delicious Egyptian feteer 🙂 Enjoy your meal 🙂