Brave Kids: the most beautiful project in the world

There is a project that connects children from the whole world. A project whose goal is a cultural exchange. A project that gives all the participants and volunteers positive energy. This project is called Brave Kids!

What is the Brave Kids project about?

Groups of talented children from different countries come to Poland. For two weeks they live with families in different cities in Poland (this year in Warsaw, Wrocław and Wałbrzych also since this year in Slovakia and Georgia) and they teach each other what they can do. They prepare a show together where they dance traditional dance from their countries and play instruments they brought. Very often the children come from poor communities, areas of armed conflicts and for them coming to Poland may be the only trip outside their country and participating in Brave Kids the only opportunity to learn about other cultures. This year in Warsaw we hosted five groups from India, Uganda, Spain, Moldova and Estonia.

After two weeks of hard work, kids from host cities go to Oborniki near Wrocław and prepare final show. 120 kids from 20 groups and 17 different countries on one stage, among others from Georgia, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, Nepal, Brazil, Israel and Morocco. This final performance brought us to Wrocław. What was our impression? The best in the world!

Those who didn’t see it would ask: What is so special about it?

First of all, kids! Brave Kids, who are brave enough to come to a foreign country for one month, learn and teach others. Secondly, imagine that after two weeks you watch a show where kids from India dance Spanish flamenco, Spaniards traditional dances from Moldova and children from Uganda dance Indian kathak and traditional dances from Estonia. Sounds interesting, right? Project that as a goal has cultural exchange has to be amazing! So many different nationalities, cultures and traditions meets in one place in Poland… It has to be a beautiful experience! 🙂 Children can cooperate.  share and learn from others despite different origin, color of the skin, language that they often don’t understand. Adults should learn that from them.

This year there was 7th edition of Brave Kids. For the 4th time groups came to Warsaw where everything is organized by irreplaceable foundation Fundacja Świat na Wyciągnięcie Ręki. What’s more, in Warsaw before the Brave Kids show, kids from host families danced parts of dances prepared by five hosted groups.

In June this year we were supposed to be in Paris volunteering on EURO2016. It turned out differently, we stayed in Poland and I took part in volunteering for Brave Kids. It was the best change of plans that has ever happened to me 😉 If we had gone to France I wouldn’t have taken part in Brave Kids and I wouldn’t have known about such valuable project.

If you want to know more about the project check the website: You can join the project as a host family, volunteer or just come and watch the shows 🙂

Final show in Wrocław:




Show in Warsaw:








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