Best music for driving – our playlist for a road trip

How do you survive a long road trip? By listening to music of course! Now it’s time to share with you the best music to listen to when you drive a car. The best because we have created the playlist on our own 😉 What to listen to when you travel? Check out what we listen to during our road trips.

Music for a trip

If you travel by car, you will probably agree with us that good music is a “must have”. I can’t imagine hours of driving in silence. I need to talk or listen to something. Otherwise hours pass slowly and it feels like never-ending drive. I’ve been looking for a perfect playlist for a road trip For a long time. Finally, I have prepared one on my own. More than ten trips around Poland and Europe by car helped us. We have backup of music for few days of nonstop driving.

What do we listen to when we travel?

Actually, we listen to everything. We have a playlist with hours of music of different kinds and we listen to it every day. When we travel abroad we also like to play some local radio and listen to the local artists when they sing in their own language. Apart from that, we both listen to different types of music and somehow we need to combine it during the trips so everyone is happy. Most of the songs played in our car are in English but there are also some in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Polish. We have two rules if it comes to music for trips. The songs must be energetic and/or good for singing. Yes, we do sing in the car. But don’t worry, we do that only when we are alone 😉

Our road trip playlist

I have finally chosen songs I like most from hours of music we listen to when we drive. Now I can share with you our playlist. You will find here different types of music, some rock, pop, best songs of 90s, some Spanish songs and even Mohamed’s favourite song in Polish! Check it out yourself.

What do you listen to when you travel? Do you have favourite songs, artists or whole albums? Which song do you think should appear in our list? Let us know, we will be happy to update our playlist with what you suggest.