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Recently I’ve read many articles where I could see phrases like: “While my friends are getting married or having kids I travel the world!” or “Some people have a husband and kids and I have travels”. And I start thinking… Is it really the only solution? Can I really have only a house with my husband and kids or travels? Isn’t there anything in between? Isn’t possible to have both? I’m explaining it right now! It is possible! I will say even more! Very often it works perfectly! 🙂

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Everyone has his/her own way of travelling. Some people like travelling by car, others by plane or by bike. Someone prefers to go to an all-inclusive hotel and another person goes hitchhiking in Asia. I don’t like staying in a hotel, I’ve never tried hitchhiking but I don’t deny it when other people like to do it. After all, it’s their way of travelling, not mine and if they feel they are making their dreams come true this way, then why not? I can never be sure that we won’t change our way of travelling and try something totally different. But let’s get back to the main topic… Why should you resign from anything if you are a wife or a husband? 🙂 Many people like travelling alone, others with their partner, some other people in groups and there are still people who don’t like travelling at all! Sometimes it’s difficult for us to understand but as there are many ways of travelling, there are even more ways of living. There are people who feel great when they don’t travel and they enrich their lives in a completely different way. I know people like this 🙂 So, where does this popular opinion, that a person who has a family and doesn’t travel loses something, come from? 🙂 This person could actually tell a lone traveler that he loses the beauty of having a family without a wife or children.  But why should we really compare these things? Everything depends on our point of view and everyone is happy in their own way 🙂

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Secondly, who said that after you get married you have to resign from anything? A husband (despite popular opinions) is not a millstone around your neck that prevents you from moving 😉 So where does this opinion come from that you can have a husband or you can have travels? 🙂 If someone really wants he can have both. I don’t have kids and my marriage experience is just a bit more than 2 years and 6 months but you know what? Despite the fact that I used to travel alone before and I liked it, I prefer what I have now 😉 And a surprise: I didn’t resign from anything 😉 I do everything I was doing before getting married, travelling included. Now we travel together, that’s the only difference but I realize that this way travelling has more advantages than travelling alone. Yes, I have to write one day about advantages and disadvantages of travelling as a couple 😉

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Apart from that, why should kids stop anyone from travelling? We have no experience in this matter but we follow some blogs we really liked: The Family WithoutBorders, Tasteaway, Tędy I owędy, Merecz on the go, Weekendowi Podróżnicy and it’s still just a small part of them! They prove that it’s possible to travel with kids too! What’s more they show how travelling with your children may be even more valuable 😉 I’m really fascinated by their stories!


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So my dear, with a husband, with a wife, with children around you can do something interesting, make your dreams come true and you don’t have to limit your interests 😉 Don’t feel sorry for people who have a wife or a husband as if their life was already over. Believe me, people who are married or have kids don’t really lose an interesting life 🙂

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