Back in Egypt

We love going back to Egypt and we would be happy to do it more often. Unfortunately both of us getting days off at the same time when the prices of tickets are not very high is not a simple task. This time we came back to Egypt after two years absence. It was only for a week but what week!

We didn’t plan travelling to Egypt this year. Because of your jobs we have to plan our holidays for a whole year in December. We managed to fit Mohamed’s days off to mine at school and this way we got a week holiday at the beginning of May. We were thinking about the destination and I suggested Egypt. The only problem was the tickets that were usually expensive. We checked and it turned out that we are luckier than we could expect. The cost of the round trip ticket for two people was less than 400 euros. It would be silly to ignore it so we booked the flight to Cairo right away 🙂

Due to a very short stay we couldn’t plan much visiting. Our main aim was to spend time with family. Nevertheless, the day we arrived before going to Port Said we managed to visit the Old Cairo, the Citadel of Cairo and Al-Azhar Park.

In Port Said we spent days meeting family, in the evenings we stayed with friends, we came back to the places we knew well and we explored new ones. We visited the Army Museum, we walked by the Suez Canal, we admired the lighthouse, we marvelled at beautiful mosques and Coptic churches, we travelled by ferry from Port Said to Port Fouad located on the Asian side of the canal. Every day we gorged with Egyptian dishes and desserts, we drank fresh juice in juice shops. Also we went to Central Perk cafes in Port Fouad and Port Said which were new for us.

Egyptian breakfast

When we were in Egypt the First Book Faire was celebrated in Port Said. We had to go and see it. Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in finding books of Nagib Mahfouz in English but we got something that will help me in studying Arabic 🙂

At the end of our stay we went to the suk (the market place) to buy spices. My wardrobe was also filled with isdal. Isdal is a dress used by Muslim women mostly to pray. I love traditional costumes and I really liked the cut, colours and the patterns so I got two isdal. In our shopping we also got souvenirs, some new mugs and many magnets.

I can’t remember a trip that made us so tired and at the same time pleased. We came back exhausted and happy. In the end we spent a lovely week with our closest family and friends 🙂

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