Baba ghanoush – recipe

Baba ghanoush, (also called baba ganoush), is a very popular appetizer in Egypt. It is made of aubergine and people usually eat it with bread or use it as a dip for other dishes. It tastes well with rice and grillled fish and also with falafel. Apart from that it’s very easy to prepare.

Aubergine is a very popular vegetable in Egypt. If you like its taste, baba ghanoush will be a perefect and healthy snack for you! Same as hummus, it will also work well as a dip for raw vegetables and at the same time vary your cuisine. Everyone knows hummus and baba ghanoush is still not very popular althought it takes less time to prepare it. There are many recipes for the aubergine spread and they usually differ in types of added spices. We have already testes several ways to make it and below you can see our favourite one 🙂

Preparation time: 1 h 40 min (1h30min for baking the aubergine and 10 min for the real preparation)


2 aubergines

3 spoons of tahina

1 teaspoonful of olive oil

½ teaspoonful of salt

½ teaspoonful of pepper

1 teaspoonful of cumin

1 teaspoonful of garlic powder



Put the aubergines in the oven and bake it for 1.5h in temperature of 180°. After it bakes and cools down, peel it and remove the seeds. The seeds are very small so you have to remove some part of the aubergine. However if you keep the seeds, your baba ghanoush will be very bitter. Put the aubregines withour seeds in a bowl.

Add tahina, olive oil and spices. Remember that you can experiment with the amount of spices according to your preferences. We add spices as in this recipe, baba ghanoush is not too salty nor too hot, it’s perfect for us. After you add spices, mix everything carefully. If you want the pieces of aubergine to be chopped into smaller pieces, you can mix it in a blender. However, I think it’s not needed because aubergine after baking is very soft and you can easily mix it with a spoon. At the end, squeeze some lemon to your paste and mix everything again. Voilà! Baba ghanoush is ready 🙂

Enjoy it!