6 things you should do in Venice

We were delighted with the beauty of Venice since the very first moment. Although we spent didn’t spend there as much time as we would like, we totally fell in love with this city. We saw many places and each of them was special. Luckily, we went to Venice in the most interesting time of the year! Here comes our list of things that are worth doing in this lovely city 🙂

Get lost in narrow streets

It doesn’t matter if you have a map or you just know the way. Getting lost in Venice is guaranteed 🙂 Narrow streets, old buildings, small squares and never-ending bridges over the canals… Whole city is one beautiful monument and each part of it is marvellous. After a while of walking you realise that you don’t know the quickest way to the Rialto Bridge anymore, but you don’t really mind because the whole neighbourhood is worth seeing. It doesn’t matter which way you take, you can be sure you will see a beautiful city.

Visit Venice during carnival

We have never thought about it and we accidently managed to do it. We were in Venice during the carnival, few days before the most important events. The atmosphere of the carnival on St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) is something impossible to describe! Countless figures in beautiful costumes walking around the square and posing for pictures are the extension of the tradition of many centuries. The carnival in Venice is the oldest one in Europe. Its beginning dates back to 11th century. It was the time that used to blur the difference between the rich and the poor inhabitants of the city. Today the carnival attracts many tourists and people of diverse nationalities wear the lovely costumes on the streets of Venice.

Stand on the Rialto Bridge

The bridge is full of people all day but it’s not surprising. Rialto is the oldest bridge in Venice and till 1854 it was the only bridge in the whole city on the Grand Canal! Its history dates back to the 12th century and at the end of the 16th century  it was constructed as in the present form. The Rialto Bridge is really impressive and it’s worth going through the crowd to stand there at least for a while and observe the passing gondola.

See how real Venetian masks are painted

Apart from the costumes, the carnival is also famous for masks. You can buy them everywhere. The simplest and cheapest ones are made in China but everywhere in the city you can find workshops where the masks are painted by hand in diverse patterns and colours. The prices of handmade masks are knocking normal people flat but you have to admit they are amazing 🙂

Visit St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

It’s the most famous square in Venice. For centuries it has hosted the important events and celebrations. During the carnival the St Mark’s Square is teeming with life day and night. This is the place where you can see people with the most sophisticated carnival dresses. The most characteristic point of the square is St Mark’s Basilica and standing next to it the Campanile of St Mark’s church which is the highest building in Venice of 99 meters.

The bell tower is right beside the building of the Procuratie Nuove which nowadays contains presidential apartments. In front of it there is the Procuratie Vecchie with aaprtments of Procuratori, the most important civil servants in Republic of Venice after the doges. Both buildings are connected by Napoleonic Wing constructed by the order of Napoleon. Next to the Procuratie Vecchie there is the Clock Tower. St Mark’s Square is also connected to Piazzetta San Marco which is limited from one side by the Doge’s Palace.

St Mark’s Basilica
Doge’s Palace on the right
The Clock Tower

See the city by night

In the evening you should go back to St Mark’s Square and to the Rialto Bridge. There are less people than during the day but despite the time the city is still full of life. The view of illuminated Venice is just astonishing.

View from Rialto Bridge
The view from Rialto Bridge


We will go back to Venice for sure. There are still some places we would like to visit and we didn’t have enough time. Among them there is an island Burano. What are your favourite places in Venice?