Our UNESCO places (France)

Our UNESCO places (France)

It’s ime for some memories 🙂 This time about UNESCO places we’ve visited.


What is so important about UNESCO World Heritage Site? First of all it’s a list of places of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the heritage of humanity. According to the data from July 2015 there were 1031 places on the list in 163 countries (802 cultural, 197 natural and 32 mixed places). The most listed places are in Europe, North America, Asia and in Australia. The lowest number is in Africa.

1031 places are kind of a lot 😉 How many did we manage to see? Of course, again we limit the list to the places we visited together.

Poland: number of places 14, we saw 2

Italy: number of places 51, we saw 2

France: number of places 41, we saw 2/3 (I wil explain why)

Egypt: number of places 7, we saw 1

India: number of places 32, we saw 6.

So in general we visited 13/14 places from UNESCO list. Comparing to all of them, it’s not much 😉

Let’s start with France. In France we’ve been to Paris and Bordeaux. Unfortunately, in Paris we didn’t visit Versailles. Believe me that during 10 days in France we didn’t have enough time to visit everything we wanted 😉 Versailles is of course one of the places on UNESCO list. So in Paris we saw only one place: banks of the Seine (listed in 1991).

DSC00724.JPG logo

A walk along the Seine is something amazing 🙂 All the main attractions of Paris can be seen if you walk along the river. That’s why it’s so popular among tourists to visit the city by ship. You can buy a daily ticket and get in and out in any stop you want. The touristic ship will stop for example near Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

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Another popular way to enjoy the views near the river are photo sessions. This activity is the most popular among tourists from East Asia. The couples come to Paris for their honey moon, the bring the wedding dress and the suit and other indispensable things. In Paris they contact a photographer and have their dream photo session 🙂 During one day we saw more or less ten couples doing that 🙂

DSC01205.JPG logo
Here you can see one of the couples during their photo session 😉

We were more lucky in Bordeaux. The first place is the historical part of the city, listed in 2007.

DSC01975.JPG logoDSC01989.JPG logo

The next place is the reason why at the beginning I marked France with 2/3 places. French pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela were listed in 1998. There are several routes in France. We didn’t see any of them in total because simply we didn’t do the pilgrim (although I walked around 15km but that was in Spain). So, Bordeaux is on one of the pilgrim routes and the routes contain churches, hospitals and all the places related to the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.

Pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela

For example, Basilica of St. Michael is one of the churches included in UNESCO list. The routes are long and we saw only a little part in Bordeaux.

DSC02018.JPG logo

How about you? Which places of UNESCO have you seen? Do you have your favourite place?

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