About Us


Welcome to our blog 馃檪 We are very happy that you found our blog and we hope you will stay with us for longer.

We are Polish Egyptian couple and we love traveling. We created the blog to be able to write about places we have been to and share our experience from Polish and Egyptian point of view. We can鈥檛 always travels as much as we would like to but we manager to visit some interesting places. We鈥檝e already been to Italy, twice to France, India, Germany, Liechtenstein, Hungary and of course Egypt and Poland 馃檪 We鈥檝e been traveling together for more than 4 years but before each of us also visited different places. We go to different places, use different types of transport, we love meeting new people and learning about their customs. We soon realized that our blog wouldn鈥檛 be only about visiting places but also about cultural and linguistic aspects of traveling and sometimes about life of a mixed couple because in our case it鈥檚 an important part of our travels.

That鈥檚 all about us together 馃檪 Apart from that:

Ola has a MA in Spanish philology, loves foreign languages and postcards 馃檪 She is the more organized part of this couple. The best would be to have everything ready now or even yesterday 馃槈 I鈥檝e visited Spain several times, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia and Holland on my own.

Mohamed is Egyptian and that should be enough to know that he is the calmer person who (very often unsuccessfully) tries to explain to me that it鈥檚 impossible to be everywhere at the same time and the traveling must be done step by step. He is responsible for the technical stuff on the blog and very often for taking pictures 馃檪 Before we started traveling together he went to China, South Africa, Hong Kong and several European countries: Germany, Holland, Austria, UK. He is addicted to football.

If you want to share with us your opinion about the blog contact us.